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Awoiaf right to rule

Right to rule is the amount of "respect" points you have. This is used when you are founding your own kingdom. The higher your right to rule is, the more likely lords will be to see you as the real king and even join you. If you have a low right to rule, other kingdoms will take you as a renegade, other lords may not join your faction, and other factions are more likely to declare war on you.

Having low right to rule also means that the lords in different factions will not respect you as much when you talk to them.

This can take the form of the lords stating that 'You are a lord with no master' and vice versa after you talk to them. Remember that you, the player, are just a foreigner in Pendorand getting right to rule is very difficult.

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Getting right to rule takes time. Warning: If you somehow managed to raise your right to rule too high emissaries, etc. Strangely, the cease-fire bonus works if you are member of the dominating factioni. RtR higher than 45 - "the new king seems to be honorable and maybe will aid our cause later".

If you are the vassal of a king, the king will talk about your dangerous ambitions to your face, but he does nothing. You can get your companions to go out and spread the word about you by talking to them.

awoiaf right to rule

After you ask them about what they think about you as a king, etc. This will then lead to the option where you can send them off in your name. You can send any of your companions out to raise your right to rule, but each has one other companion that will object if they are in your party.

This makes the objector refuse to be sent at least until the objected returned then they can be sent as normal. It should be noted that the objection is to the companion you have chosen, not that you are sending someone out. The following are possible companions and who would object if that companion is sent out:. If you are captured while a companion is promoting your right to rule, you will not gain right to rule when he or she returns.

To prevent a companion from objecting and no longer being able to be sent out to raise your right to rule, you should not recruit the party member who objects until the one they object to has already been sent out, or you can alternatively dismiss the objector when you are about to send your companion on a mission to raise right to rule and then rehire the dismissed companion if you want. An alternative is to send out the objector on a mission to gather intelligence; this will keep them out of the party for a few days and may keep them from reacting.

Once a companion has already performed their mission to raise your right to rule it no longer matters if they object to whomever you send out. There is a small time delay before the objection occurs, so if you recruit a companion who would object to another companion who has already been sent, you can immediately send the objecting companion before he or she has time to object. When you send a companion to search for support and Right to Rule for you, in addition to giving you the 3 Right to Rule points, he will now bring in some troops as well that will join your party.

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The troops and its numbers are based on the player's level and the companion that was sent. The chances are given in percentagesmeaning will assure you getting that type of troop. Depending on your level at the moment your companion brings in troops you will get given a roll for each weak, average and eliteand if that roll succeeds, you will get x troops of that type of troop.

If succeed, the number of troops given for each group are:.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Before i should start my own kingdom? I tried once and made decent headway with a town and 4 castles taken.

awoiaf right to rule

Showing 1 - 15 of comments. Axeknight View Profile View Posts. Even RTR i still encounter random war declaration, and decline peace treaty regardless. Though the keep in mind, the AI are much more particular to declare war on player with lower "relationship" to kings and vassals, and the original ownership of fief you control gangup on faction that are on a brink of destruction.

To regards to forcing peace treaty to the faction, i dont really know as it seems to be based on their military strength. All i do know by hitting them really hard by wiping out their vassals and capturing fiefs, you might get a peace treaty sooner. RTR come in handly when you are trying to convince other lords to switch sides. So always hardsave when you start and empire, which is the hardest part for the entiregame.

Asphe View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by iPrecision :. Originally posted by Asphe :.

awoiaf right to rule

Sohei View Profile View Posts. In some mods it is possible to have some negative effect by sending out mixed messages on these missions but otherwise you are fine with sending out all of them.

A World of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) mod for Mount & Blade: Warband

In fact I like to send many out as soon as I hire them before they ge ta chance to complain about other party members and thus lose their support. As soon as they get back from the mission they get laid off.

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It is gamey but it works. You can also get a lot of right to rule as a mercenary or vassal whenever a peace deal is agreed to. Ontrose View Profile View Posts. Well, i dont think, that the Kings really care much about the RTR. If your a vasal you might get a message like "Some of my men say, you might be the next king" or some statement along the lines. If you have your own kingdom, its primarily to persuade Lords.We have established the basic process of how to create your own faction.

In simple terms you simply have to seize a town or city as an independent. The problem is keeping your empire and avoiding a crushing attack from the other factions. Obviously you have to be levelled up, kitted out and in command of a large, well trained army. Making friends will also help because there is a greater chance that other lords will stay neutral when you rebel.

You can also improve your chances of victory by recruiting lords to your cause. This will make your faction more powerful but it will also decrease your chances of grabbing land for yourself. If you persuade a lord to defect or you make a companion into a vassal you will need to grant them lands of their own to keep them happy. Make sure that you have a decent relationship before you broach the subject so as to avoid trouble.

You can also question the competency of the current king and suggest you would do a better job. It is a smart idea to survey the scene before making any moves and make sure you approach the disaffected lords. You can find out the situation by observing messages, talking to lords and ladies and sending your companions to gather intelligence. You can learn poems in taverns and there seems to be a limit of five in total.

The benefit of marriage is that it gives you the ability to hold feasts and increase your standing. It also brings you closer to the family, provided the marriage was sanctioned. In order to meet eligible ladies you should win tournaments and then visit the feast and dedicate the tournament win to the lady you fancy. You can check your Right to Rule rating in your Character Report.

9. Right to Rule Explained - Mount and Blade Warband New Player Guide

When you think you are ready to create your own faction you should start to build up this rating by talking to your companions and telling them you want to be king. Each of your companions will have a different idea about how to improve your chances of becoming king.

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Each time they return your Right to Rule will increase by 3. To be taken seriously you have to have a good rating in terms of renown, honor and Right to Rule just over 50 worked for me. If you are on friendly terms and you have a good standing in Calradia then you should be able to get peace. You can also use your companions as diplomats for your cause and send them to visit factions in an attempt to get treaties.

You can do this by talking to your minister and asking him to dispatch an emissary. You want to send someone in your party with good persuasion skills to increase your chances of success. There are various things that will make your standing suffer and so you must avoid them if you want to be taken seriously as a king.

If you have a high Controversy rating you run the risk of incurring the wrath of everyone.

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You can check your Controversy by selecting Notes then Characters. It is ideal if the first target you take is rich. It is also a good idea to target the weakest faction and scoop up their lands as quickly as possible. Remember that in order to attack a faction you need to have a negative relationship with them. If you plan well you should be ruling an empire in no time. If you have any suggestions for good tactics to use then please post a comment.

Skip to content. Create a Faction We have established the basic process of how to create your own faction. Recruiting Lords.Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services.

I first came up with this in a thread debating as to whether Stannis was right to kill Renly, and by extension if Renly had a right to claim the throne for himself. In real life medieval Europe, the kings and emperors were crowned by The Pope. Therefore it is not too far to assume that during coronations the king is crowned by the High Septon thereby cementing his rule in the eyes of the Gods.

This assumption is also supported by the fact that there has not been even a single king on the High Throne who did not worship the Seven. Even Ageon the Dragon riding Conqueror renounced the Gods of Valyria and converted to the faith of The Seven so the people would accept him as king.

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With the above in mind, it could potentially be argued that Stannis nullified his claim to the throne by openly worshipping a Pagan God.

That would technically make Renly the rightful heir. Oh, and I should clarify one thing: I'm talking about someone's official Religion, not his personal Piety.

Right to rule

Even kings and lords who do not believe in any Gods or who act debauched still at least nominally worship The Seven or the Old Gods, or the Drowned God. Likewise, I should clarify something else. I am talking only about legal right. I am not in any way talking about Bigger Army Diplomacy. After Maegor the Cruel and until Cersei's meddling the faith had virtually no power over the King. They were basically a rubber stamp formality. I'm talking about legal right to rule, not about Bigger Army Diplomacy.

He ruled a KIngdom, and Seven Kingdoms are essentially that. And he most certainly was outnumbered by his subjects. Second, Stannis definitely gave up his right to rule when he took on R'hllor, at least in the eyes of the faith of the seven and the pious.

That said, people of all different religions have been Kings in Westeros, just never the whole continent.Guest right is an ancient and sacred custom in Westerosgoing back thousands of years to the First Men. The guest right is a sacred law of hospitality, especially in the north. Bread and salt are traditional provisions.

When invoked, neither the guest nor the host can harm the other for the length of the guest's stay. Even robber lords and wreckers are bound by the ancient laws of hospitality. A lord with a bared sword across his knees is making a traditional sign that he is denying guest right. It is sometimes customary for a host to give guest gifts to the departing guests when they leave the host's dwellings; this usually represents the end of the sacred guest right. The legend of the Rat Cook of the Nightfort concerns guest right.

Maester Egbert wrote about northern violations of guest right in Justice and Injustice in the North: Judgments of Three Stark Lordswith only kinslaying being an equivalent crime. Mance Rayder agrees to protect Jon as a guest when they meet beyond the Wall. The pregnant Gilly wants Jon Snow to take her away. When Jon protests that he is a guest, Gilly argues that Jon did not eat Craster's food or sleep in Craster's hall. Robb and his mother Catelyn receive bread and salt when they arrive at the Twins for the wedding of Lord Edmure Tully.

The massacre ruins the Freys' reputation even among allies. The small council discusses how to blame the Freys, and not the Iron Throne, for the massacre. The brotherhood without banners hangs some outlaws and soldiers who expect safety at the crossroads inn.

Wine, cheese, bread, and salt are offered to the Lords Declarant when they come to the Eyriesince their acceptance of the good is a recognition of guest right. Davos Seaworth is grateful to eat bread and sister's stew while at Breakwatersince it is a recognition of guest right by Lord Godric Borrell. Once I had eaten at his board I was protected by guest right. The laws of hospitality are as old as the First Menand sacred as a heart tree … Here you are the guest, and safe from harm at my hands … this night, at least.

awoiaf right to rule

Jeor : The gods will curse us. There is no crime so foul as for a guest to bring murder into a man's hall. By all the laws of the hearth, we- Dirk : There are no laws beyond the Wallold man. In the northwe hold the laws of hospitality sacred still. Catelyn : If we are offered refreshment when we arrive, on no account refuse. Take what is offered, and eat and drink where all can see.

If nothing is offered, ask for bread and cheese and a cup of wine. Robb : I'm more wet than hungry … Catelyn : Robb, listen to me. Once you have eaten of his bread and salt, you have the guest right, and the laws of hospitality protect you beneath his roof. Walder : Bread and salt. Of course, of course. My guests.

My honored guests.Be prepared to create your own house and challenge the Seven Kingdoms in this adaptation of Game of Thrones.

A gritty world awaits you full of treachery and traitorous kings, lords and knights. Will you survive the slaughter and take the Iron throne, or will you succumb to the traitorous ways that goes forth in Westeros and Essos. If you encounter any bugs or need any support regarding this modification then please visit our forums : AWoIaF Forums. Here is short video giving a quick rundown regarding the current situation with the current Warband modification and information regarding the Bannerlord version.

The bannerlord version on the modification can be found here: Moddb. Information regarding the update of A World of Ice and Fire 5.

No articles were found matching the criteria specified. We suggest you try the article list with no filter applied, to browse all available. Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments. If you have a Mac and have issues with shaders or graphical glitches then try this patch to remove them.

If you have issues with crashing then try installing this into your A World of Ice and Fire folder. No files were found matching the criteria specified. We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available. This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. Hello, I have a problem not just with this mode but with all mods.

I saw some nice looking house armor like Karstark, Umbert, If there is a way, how can I get them? I wanted to check if they were in the cheat menu inventory, but I couldn't find the cheat menu inventory Only registered members can share their thoughts. So come on! Join the community today totally free - or sign in with your social account on the right and join in the conversation. Latest tweets from therealproduno. Currently live creating some scenes for AWoIaF. It really really helps us, and you'll get notified when it releases and it… T.

Shows to binge whilst in isolation. Mount Blade Warband. RSS Articles. Update Rundown Apr 2 News 3 comments.Fans have long debated which GoT character is best suited to end up as ruler of the realm. Some feel that only characters that are related to previous kings and queens by blood should have a shot. Others feel that, at this point, anyone qualified should have a chance. These days, it seems like Jon Snow, aka the King in the North, is the most likely contender to win out. But there are many others for whom we can make an equally compelling case.

The King in the North has always been a bit of a reluctant leader. And his bravery, and dedication to protecting the realm would be wasted if he had to spend most of his time going through the symbolic motions that await any king or queen.

And the best way to make sure he can stay where he belongs is for him to stay far away from the Iron Throne. She knows how to manipulate her way into positions of power. Despite all these traits, Cersei has no lawful right to remain queen, thanks to the rightful line of succession. And, most importantly, her thirst for vengeance and unending grief seem to slowly be driving her mad. Westeros already has its share of unhinged leaders. In reality, he was the product of incest between his mother and her brother, and therefore definitely not royalty by blood.

It might be fun and feel like a hard-fought victory to see the long-beleaguered Lannister get a shot at glory. Game of Thrones long hoped to see Gendry, the bastard blacksmith again, after he rowed off toward safety in Season 3.

Gendry is a logical choice to take over ruling the Seven Kingdoms. From the very beginning, Arya Stark has shown us that she has what it takes to survive.

She also has a tendency toward mercy that is far greater than those who have ruled the Seven Kingdoms in her lifetime. It might seem like a bit of sweet justice to see Arya take down Cersei and claim the Iron Throne for the North.

And she would probably give up her right to the throne if she did ever find herself in that position. And it may be nearly impossible for the progeny of the Mad King to ever truly unite Westeros behind her.

When you stand Sansa Stark beside the obvious contenders for the Iron Throne — proven warriors and brilliant political strategists — she may seem like an afterthought. But she is uniquely qualified to both unite and rule the Seven Kingdoms. And many Game of Thrones cast members agree. She, like many of the other main characters on Game of Thrones, is a true survivor.

Sansa lived through the harrowing reality of what that life actually entails, though. A lot of fans were rooting for the Starks as soon as Game of Thrones began. So it would be especially satisfying to see them finally get their due. Sansa is just, fair, and kind-hearted.

As the daughter of Ned and Catelyn Stark, she has diplomacy in her blood. So she could be the best person to offer the promise of a fresh start in the realm.

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